Artist’s statement  

The raw material for my pictures has two main sources. On the one hand, I use motifs that arrive from the outside - often during travel - and which light a spark within me. People who know my pictures refer to these motifs as “typical Nanna-motifs”.
On the other hand, I photograph still lives composed of various objects. Those begin as ideas or as images of my imagination.

I work primarily with thematic series, where the themes change along with the turns and changes in my personal life. My medium is both analogue and digital. For me it is not either or but rather one or he other depending on what is best suited to the subject matter. Both techniques have their own particular strengths.

I work in themed series because I become fascinated by a topic and pursue it until I feel the topic is exhausted and the images become weak.

Perhaps my early interest in archaeology is the reason for my preoccupation with deteriorated places and structures. It is the beauty in the decay that I seek out in buildings, and in aging cemeteries, warehouses, factories, and a monastery.

In the past, I also worked commercially with photo reporting and as a photo editor. However, my present focus on photography as art is aimed at exhibits and publications.
Curiosity is the driving force in both my life and in my work. I constantly seek to learn something new and I have a need to stay updated. As long as this energy is present I will be out there with my camera.